About Toenail Fungus

Large Spot and Rapid Delivery

GenesisPlus has a large spot for fast treatments and uniform coverage. The GenesisPlus spot is more than 10X larger providing a full treatment in fewer pulses. Fiber lasers have small spots and require many more pulses per toe. On average, GenesisPlus reduces treatment time by over 30 minutes.

Cutera’s Genesis Plus on Good Morning America

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of lazer fungus removal.

Your Return on Investment

GenesisPlus eliminates all recurring costs and fees with a reusable handpiece and a system you own. This allows you to maximize both revenue and return on investment as you add this new procedure to your practice.

  • Reusable Handpiece
  • No Disposables
  • No Per-Patient Fee
  • No Monthly Minimums

Ergonomic Design and Temperature Feedback

The GenesisPlus system features a lightweight, ergonomic handpiece. An integrated sensor actively monitors the temperature in the treatment area. This information, displayed on the handpiece with a graduated color scale, allows the physician to adjust parameters based on patient feedback.

Nd:YAG Technology

Cutera’s award winning Nd:YAG laser was the first of its kind to be approved for permanent hair reduction and for treating vascular lesions; it continues to be recognized as the leading Nd:YAG laser in dermatology. Now Cutera introduces GenesisPlus, the first Nd:YAG laser optimized for treating toenail fungus.

Cutera Advantage

Cutera has been a leader in the aesthetic laser market for over 12 years. We believe in clinical studies, together with comprehensive clinical training and on-going educational programs. As important, our team of 30 field service engineers are ready to resolve equipment issues within 24-48 hours. We understand the investment you’ve made and are there to support you.